Nothing Else Shines Like AluminShine

A first-of-its-kind, patent-pending aluminum wheel cleaning system, AluminShineSM is the safest, most cost-effective way to bring aluminum wheels back to life. AluminShine is environmentally friendly, does not remove any aluminum, and cleans the entire wheel.

  • The newest and most advanced wheel cleaning technology
  • Scientifically breaks the bond between surface aluminum and all corrosives
    (excluding concrete)
  • Can process 19.5”, 22.5”, and 24.5” wheels
  • A clean finish with no EPA issues
  • Patent-pending process utilizes biodegradable food-grade chemical cleaning agent
  • Faster, safer, and less expensive than robotic polishing, hand polishing, or grinding

What can AluminShineSM do for your fleet?

The perfect shine enhances the look of any truck. But the AluminShine difference isn’t just cosmetic.


    Shiny clean wheels project a positive fleet image, help attract and retain drivers and customers, and increase vehicle resale value. Saving time at vehicle inspection stations also reduces downtime, can improve your CSA rating, and keeps vehicles moving.
  • COST

    Substantially faster than other wheel cleaning methods. Because you get your wheels back in rotation quicker, AluminShine helps reduce your wheel inventory needs. Increases wheel versatility as AluminShine cleans both sides.

    Unclean aluminum wheels can mask any number of safety issues. Wheel grinding removes aluminum from the wheel surface, often resulting in even more safety concerns. With AluminShine, no aluminum is removed, eliminating safety and inspection issues.

    Acid washing and wheel grinding present health, environmental, and EPA concerns. AluminShine, however, utilizes a food-grade biodegradable chemical cleaning agent.

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