AluminShine Announces Installation of Its Aluminum Wheel Cleaning Technology

AluminShine Inc., headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is pleased to announce the installation of its patent pending AluminShine deep cleaning technology at Service Tire Truck Center’s headquarters in Bethlehem, PA.

The AluminShine technology starts by immersing the wheel in an electrolytic bath to break the bond between the Aluminum wheel and the ever-present layer of Aluminum oxide that forms on the surface. After using food grade additives to increase the conductivity of the electrolyte and break the oxide bond, the treated wheel is raised from the wash tank and guided on rollers to an ultrasonic rinse tank.

After full immersion exposing the wheel to ultrasonic cleaning, the wheel emerges cleaned and brightened with a reflective finish. In production, the AluminShine machine will process one wheel every 5 minutes. The integrity of the Aluminum wheel is not compromised as the AluminShine process simply opens the surface pores of the Aluminum to allow the oxide and road contaminants to wash off.

The installation in Bethlehem will serve as a model for STTC as they explore the most efficient application of the technology. AluminShine will allow STTC to increase the processing of Aluminum wheels from 8-10 wheels per shift to over 80 wheels per shift. Upon witnessing an early April demonstration in Bethlehem, PA, a major tire brand executive commented “we have been searching for a method to clean Aluminum wheels effectively for years. This is the only viable solution we have ever seen.”

According to Walt Dealtrey, CEO of STTC. “STTC continues to evolve to better meet our customers’ demands and provide opportunities for our employees through the company’s growth. We see the AluminShine technology, requring only a single operator, as an innovation that is consistent with our desire to lead the truck tire service industry.”

About AluminShine Inc.
AluminShine Inc. is the exclusive North American Master License holder of the patent pending technology developed by Harrisburg, PA, inventors. AluminShine Inc., acquired the rights to the master license in January of 2018.