In 1984 OSHA issued mandatory regulations requiring removal of rust, dirt and debris from wheels. The trucking industry was suddenly faced with the need for an end-to-end wheel refinishing solution. Three decades later, the cleaning of the Aluminum wheels is still a predominantly manual process.

Workers need about 40-60 minutes for a wheel to be hand polished or a quality mechanized polish.

Over the road tractor trailers are trying to reduce weight and increase gas mileage any way they can, and changing to Aluminum wheels can lower the truck and trailer weight by several 100’s of lbs. The need to change the wheel cleaning and inspection process is clear.


   ● Increase cleaning speed ● Enhance employee working conditions
   ● Improve wheel inspection process ● Reduce labor requirements
   ● Clean entire wheel ● Reduce electricity consumed in the removal process
   ● Improve wheel output per hour ● Eliminate waste & costly abrasives


   ● Fully Cleaned Aluminum Wheels ● 80% Reduction in Manpower Required
   ● 62% Energy Savings ● Environmentally Friendly consumables
   ● 90% Reduction in Equipment Service & Repairs ● Raw Material Sales Opportunities

The AluminShine process solves a key time problem in Aluminum wheel cleaning that historically has been done by “Brute Force Buffing” or “Caustic Chemicals”.