Rim Shine Solutions

Presently, aluminum wheels are refinished by hand with semi-automatic polishing and buffing equipment. These systems can refinish approx. 1 wheel per hour or 8 – 10 wheels per shift.

Time is money and historically, the production rate has been too slow and costly for truck service centers and others to actively pursue the cleaning of the aluminum wheels. Drop that time to 5 minutes per wheel and it’s a whole new ballgame!

The typical cost or the charge to a customer for refinishing a wheel is approx. $75 each. The cost to end users for the AluminShine solution is approx $35 per wheel.

Science makes AluminShine unique

Release of Oxides

  • Our process breaks the Aluminum Oxide bond from the Aluminum Wheel surface
    • Everything on top of the Oxide is removed (except Concrete at this time)
  • Clean Aluminum surface is revealed
  • Environmentally safe
    • No toxic materials
    • Zero aluminum degradation
  • Standard system time is 5 minutes per wheel